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Hi! I'm Bianca from Brazil and this is a blog dedicated to my love for Tom Hardy. This is a secondary blog, so.. I don't follow anyone! If want I follow you try my main blog. I try to do my best, but my English is not the best. Have photo albums, videos you want me to edit, send me! Welcome and enjoy yourself. /
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OMG OMG OMG! I am destroyed! I just watched the 3rd episode of “The Virgin Queen” and I am anxious, I do not know if you saw but .. with the death of Robbie I cried like a child! The work of Anne-Marie Duff when he dies is frighteningly realistic, I cried as if Tom had actually ceased to exist at that moment, and I keep crying while writing this .. Funny huh? I’m sad with myself for not have seen before and I assume to be my favorite character! Loved loved loved it! Truly amazing and I recommend to all who have not seen watch!


So .. I never saw The Virgin Queen and started yesterday, I’m just loving it! Well over Inception and Warrior OMG Robert Dudley is so sexyyy, Tommy is killing me argh
So in love with my icon ):